De-stress Facial – £20

Suitable for all skin types – this treatment is focused on reducing stress, anxiety and tension as well as pampering the skin. Shoulder, neck, face, scalp and hand & arm massage combined with a facial treatment to leave the skin soft and supple and your mood lifted.

Prescriptive Facial – £25

Skin type and concerns dictate the products used; a shoulder, neck and facial massage leaves the skin refreshed and protected and the client relaxed and glowing.

Deep Treatment Facial – £30 (£15 for under 16’s)

Skin type and concerns dictate the products used; ultrasonic technology deeply exfoliates the skin and LED light therapy aids with cell regeneration, calming the skin and increasing collagen production. Course of 4 treatments – £120

Microdermabrasion Facial – £40

Diamond tipped probes are used to resurface the skin, reducing the appearance of fine lines and surface scars before a calming facial treatment, giving the face a healthy glow. One treatment can give excellent results but a course is recommended for deeper skin concerns. Course of 4 treatments £120

Dermaplaning Facial – £45

Vellus ‘peach fuzz’ hair is removed from the surface of the skin using a scalpel and expert techniques before a calming and rejuvenating facial treatment with LED light therapy is performed, leaving the skin soft, smooth and glowing.